Nylon Cable Drag Chain
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Use coordination of nylon drag chain

2021-11-13 09:43:37

In the process of using nylon drag chain, there are many small accessories to cooperate with it. Friction plate friction plate is one of them. What are the main advantages of the use of friction plate? Why should we add friction plates in the process of use? I believe many people still don't understand it. Next, let's introduce this knowledge to you:

The material of nylon drag chain friction plate is nylon, but it also adds some other wear-resistant components in combination with the manufacturing points of other friction plates, so it has its own characteristics in wear resistance.

Nylon drag chain friction plate is an auxiliary accessory assembled on which side of the drag chain and the contact surface when they are in relative operation. It is generally configured when the drag chain load is true, the running surface is rough, and the use is long. However, according to our suggestions, it can be assembled as long as it can be used together, because according to our understanding, the friction plate can protect the contact surface well and reduce the friction of the drag chain itself, Greatly increase the service life of the drag chain itself. The price of the friction plate itself is much lower than that of the drag chain. With the use of the friction plate, it is equivalent to adding the use of another product. In this way, the cost is not a little lower. You can calculate how much cost can be saved. I believe I don't say that you also know it well.


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