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Inspection method of plastic drag chain failure

2022-04-22 15:16:07

When people are sick, they can judge what disease they get by looking, hearing, asking and cutting through the four methods. In this way, the remedy can be applied to the case. Only by finding the real disease can the disease be cured. In fact, the problem of objects is the same.

When the plastic drag chain encounters problems, the following methods are used to eliminate them:

1. Parameter inspection method: in case of failure, the system parameters should be checked in time. The parameters are generally stored in the magnetic bubble memory or in the CMOS ram that needs to be maintained by the battery. Once the battery is insufficient or due to external interference and other factors, individual parameters of the plastic drag chain will be lost or changed, causing confusion, so that the machine tool cannot work normally. At this time, the fault can be eliminated by checking and correcting parameters.

2. Visual inspection method: this method is the first method used by maintenance personnel, that is, during fault diagnosis, observe and inspect one by one from the outside to the inside. We should pay attention to whether there are missing parts.

3. Trial exchange method: that is, when the approximate cause of the fault is analyzed, the maintenance personnel can use the spare printed circuit board, integrated circuit chip or component to replace the doubtful part, so as to narrow the fault scope of the plastic drag chain to the printed circuit board or chip level.

4. Function test method: the function program test method is to program the G, m, s, t and f functions of the CNC system into a function test program and store it on the corresponding media, such as paper tape and magnetic tape. Running this program during the fault diagnosis of plastic drag chain can quickly determine the possible cause of the fault.



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