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Production and maintenance of plastic drag chain

2022-03-09 16:21:57

With the development of China's economy and the continuous optimization of high and new technologies, the domestic plastic drag chain production and processing industry has achieved a relatively rapid development, and now a relatively complete system has been formed. As a kind of drag chain, plastic drag chain has excellent performance and plays a very important role in different fields. So what are the key points to master when choosing and using?

Key points for purchase

In the production process of plastic drag chain, if the production equipment is old and backward, or the corresponding process technology has certain defects, it is easy to produce product quality problems, such as interlayer, bubble, inclusion and distortion. Such problems will not only directly affect the appearance of the plastic drag chain, but also seriously affect the quality, quality and performance of the plastic drag chain.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

You know, now plastic drag chains have penetrated into different fields. It is the most frequently used drag chain product at this stage. In the process of daily use, we should adhere to basic cleaning and daily maintenance as much as possible. For the cleaning and maintenance of plastic drag chain, use neutral detergent or clean water to clean it, which is determined according to the actual use environment and pollution.

In addition, if the plastic drag chain cannot be installed in time after purchase, it must be placed in a dry, ventilated and cool area, and the corresponding protective measures must be taken. No chemicals containing acid and alkali components can be placed in the storage environment, and no inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods are allowed. During the storage management process, the drag chain products and the storage environment must be cleaned accordingly. If it is placed for a long time, The surface of the drag chain should also be coated with the corresponding antirust and moisture-proof paint, which will further provide more reliable guarantee for the drag chain and maximize its performance.


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