Nylon Cable Drag Chain
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Nylon drag chain processing and material selection are exquisite

2022-04-16 14:24:25

Nylon drag chain is a kind of protective track made of modified nylon injection molding process, which looks like a tank chain. The unit chain link of nylon drag chain is composed of left and right chain plates and upper and lower cover plates. All links of the drag chain can be opened, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly without threading. After opening the cover, cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, etc. can be put in. In the drag chain, nylon drag chain injection molding materials are selected carefully.

Nylon drag chain has closed type, semi closed type and bridge type. The chain plate and cover plate of each unit section are injection molded with modified nylon, and the raw material grades required for different purposes are different.

Nylon drag chain is used in engineering hoisting machinery, automobile manufacturing, automated warehouse, wharf and other fields. In order to prevent cable entanglement, wear, breakage, suspension and dispersion, the drag chain has high strength, good elasticity and UV resistance. It adopts 6 pieces of nylon reinforced with 30% glass fiber, which is suitable and cost-effective.

Nylon drag chain is used for injection molding machines, electronic and electrical, power cables, fire trucks, etc., and is used to protect power and signal cables. They require high strength, good elasticity, creep resistance and flame retardancy. They are similar to Jiangsu ocean autumn snow 30% plus 6 pieces of glass fiber reinforced flame retardant nylon. The rebound acceleration of the new material drag chain can reach 5m/s2, the number of overhead reversals exceeds 5million, and the flame retardant grade can reach UL94V0.

The development and application of nylon drag chain has reasonable structure, high flexibility, good steel, no deformation, it is easy to install and many other functions, it is reliable, easy to disassemble, rather than drooping.

Nylon drag chain is used for cable protection under high temperature and harsh operating environment in chemical machinery, metal stamping, wood and stone machinery, glass and door and window processing. They have certain requirements for the temperature resistance of materials. It is recommended to use glass fiber reinforced toughened sheet for injection molding to ensure the strength and elasticity of the drag chain and longer service life in high temperature, high oil and strong alkali environment.



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