Nylon Cable Drag Chain
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Assembly of nylon drag chain

2021-11-13 09:42:16

Each section of nylon drag chain can be opened, and the chain pieces can rotate freely. The length can be assembled according to the needs of the equipment. It is suitable for all kinds of machine tools and equipment. Many times in practical application, we will encounter the situation of ultra long use. Then, what measures should be taken to ensure the normal operation of long-distance nylon drag chain.

1. Anti slip sheet

Install anti-skid sheets between long-distance nylon drag chains, and let the mobile end slide on the fixed end to solve the problem of long-distance operation, so as to ensure the service life and use effect.

2. Supporting wheel

Add support wheels to support the long-distance operation of long-distance nylon drag chain, reduce the load to solve the problem of long-distance operation. The installation of support wheels needs to be scientific and reasonable, so as to more effectively assist the long-distance operation of drag chain.

3. Guide groove

The guide groove is installed, and the long-distance nylon drag chain runs according to the pre-designed track under the action of the guide groove. In case of ultra long distance operation, reasonable solutions shall be adopted according to the actual situation on site.



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