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Application skills of cable drag chain spacer

2022-02-28 23:09:47

In the whole process of application, the drag chain will crack due to the release of in-situ stress, and the paint layer on the surface will also crack, which will seriously endanger the appearance of the keel chain, and more seriously, it will endanger the actual application effect of the cable drag chain. If iron putty powder is used to make up for welding defects such as air holes and sand holes, because the adhesive compressive strength of putty powder is very low, it will loosen and fall off due to vibration and other reasons in subsequent work. This is often the key reason why several paint layers fall off in less than two years after customers choose CNC lathes, which seriously endangers the surface quality of CNC lathes.

The protective film is a common small part in the cable drag chain. It plays a key role in the tidiness of the cable and bronchus in the silent drag chain, but the small volume has a large main purpose. Now let's talk about the selection of protective film. What must be paid attention to in the selection?

1. Key types of protective sheets

The key to the type of protective film is that the materials are different. Under the same conditions, there are two kinds of key materials for the protective film of cable drag chain, one is plastic protective film, and the other is polyester product, which should be more common; The second is made of metal products, basically aluminum, which are also specially made.

2. Under which conditions should the protective sheet be applied

Whether the protective sheet is applied in the cable drag chain depends on the essential placement. When there are many essential wires, cables and bronchus, in order to better avoid winding at work, it is also necessary to apply it to the protective sheet, and separate them according to the actual effect we want to achieve.

3. Application standard of protective sheet

Polyester protective sheet can be applied to cable drag chain in the same application natural environment, except under some high and ultra-low temperature standards, when polyester protective sheet can't bear it. Polyester protective sheet is easy to produce and manufacture, with low cost and less friction to the maintenance Cable, so it can be applied in a wider range. The aluminum protective sheet is relatively inconvenient to produce and manufacture, and the cost is high. If the surface of the cable drag chain is not smooth enough, it will continue to damage the maintenance items.


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