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Selection and installation requirements of plastic silent drag chain

2021-11-13 09:35:23

With the gradual improvement and improvement of industrial equipment, the application of plastic silent drag chain has gradually become common. In electronic products, woodworking machinery, glass machinery plants, lifting and conveying equipment, automated warehouses, window and door machinery, plastic machines, mechanical arms, CNC lathes and other industrial equipment, plastic silent drag chains will occur. The plastic mute drag chain has become a reasonable safety device for cable safety protection.

How to choose the most suitable plastic mute drag chain for cable has also become a core problem that users care about. How to choose a suitable plastic mute drag chain? Next, I would like to briefly introduce the adoption of specifications and models of plastic silent drag chains and matters that should be paid special attention to in the installation and application. I look forward to providing some assistance to many consumers.

Selection of plastic silent drag chain:

Inner height: select the thickest one of the embedded cables, oil pipes, bronchus, water pipes, etc. as the reference height, plus at least 10% of the height. Indoor space is used as the inner height of the plastic mute drag chain. If superimposed, the specific height after superposition is used as the reference height.

Inner width: select some thicker cables, oil pipes, bronchus, water pipes, etc., and the sum of their diameters is used as the reference for the inner width of the plastic silent drag chain, and at least 10% of the total width of the indoor space is reserved.

Bending radius: select the highest bending radius among the embedded cables, oil pipes, bronchus, water pipes, etc. as the standard value, and leave more than 10% of the indoor space. The placement standard of the embedded cables, oil pipes, water pipes, and bronchus of the plastic silent drag chain.

15% of the excess indoor space should be reserved so that the embedded cables, oil pipes, etc. can move freely, and the plastic silent drag chain will not form tension resistance in the semi longitude direction.

The transmission lines with large diameter difference shall be separately paved, and the net weight shall be evenly distributed. If necessary, they can be separated with spacers.

During fast or high-frequency operation, the transmission lines should be separated from each other in capacity as much as possible, and it is not necessary to juxtapose them with each other. It is proposed to apply spacer in the case of many cables, bronchus, oil pipes, etc.

Installation of plastic silent drag chain:

Use a proper flat head screwdriver, insert it vertically into the opening holes on both sides of the rear cover plate, open the rear cover plate, put the cables, oil pipes, etc. into the drag chain according to the placement standards brought by everyone, and then cover the rear cover plate tightly. In addition, the fixed end and the theme movable end of the cable should find support, and the equipment should be fixed in many ways.


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