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Function of drag chain on crane

2021-11-13 09:33:42

The nylon drag chain manufacturer tells you the function of the drag chain on the crane:

As a guide cable, drag chain is used by more and more enterprises, especially in cranes. The newly upgraded guidefast control system is developed as a manual regulating device for the crane in the room.

The installation of guidefast control system is simple and fast. It only needs a small indoor space for installation, and there are huge types of fitness cables. The system software can also be used reasonably in most cases. Drag chain system software is gradually becoming the standard configuration of harbor cranes, and is also increasingly used in room cranes.

Compared with the cable dragged immediately, the characteristic of guidefast control system is self-evident: the drag chain product series can maintain the cable inside, ensure that the cable will not be damaged by working pressure, and guide safely in activities. The latest control system is also applicable to the manual adjustment equipment of the crane in the room, which can safely transmit data signals according to the guidance and control cable. The guide groove of the system software can guide the drag chain, cable and movable suspension wall by spectrum, and even bear the high tensile load in a short time. The guidefast control system can be easily and quickly installed by matching the guidefast guide groove used to guide the cable of the crane (hoisting equipment).

The nylon drag chain manufacturer tells you the packaging steps: the first step of installation is to fix the guide groove on the side of the crane girder to reduce the indoor space. There is no need to weld the support frame by electric welding. Then fix the guide groove on the bracket with hook anchor bolts, which saves additional installation operations. In operation, since the rolling bearings of rubber products are free of lubrication and maintenance, the lifting equipment can move easily and accurately along all crane girders according to the control system.


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