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Installation guidelines for machine tool drag chains

2021-11-13 09:25:37

The machine tool drag chain is used to maintain the common cables, oil pipes and bronchus of the machine tool. Nylon drag chain manufacturers divide the machine tool drag chain into steel aluminum drag chain and engineering project plastic drag chain according to the material. According to the structural characteristics, it can be divided into Bridge plastic drag chain (cables can be seen outside) and fully enclosed plastic drag chain (cables can not be seen outside); According to the model and specification, it is divided into small and medium-sized drag chains, general drag chains and large and medium-sized drag chains; According to the noise index, it can be divided into general drag chain and silent mode drag chain; According to the type, it can be divided into general drag chain, series drag chain and S-type drag chain.

For the long-distance operation of plastic drag chain, it is necessary to establish scientific and reasonable long-distance operation solutions according to the specific conditions of the construction site, so as to prevent and deal with the problems that are easy to occur in the long-distance operation of plastic drag chain, so as to reduce the excess consumption of the company and further improve the productivity.

So how to correctly use and install the machine tool drag chain?

1. Inner height: select the thickest one of the embedded cables, oil pipes, bronchi, water pipes, etc. as the reference height, and add at least 10% of the height of the indoor space as the inner height of the drag chain. If superimposed, the specific height after superposition shall be used as the reference height.

2. Inner width: select some thicker cables, oil pipes, bronchus, water pipes, etc. the sum of their diameters is used as the reference for the inner width of the drag chain, and at least 10% of the total width of the indoor space is reserved.

3. Application of spacer: transmission lines with large diameter difference should be separately paved, and the net weight should be evenly distributed. When necessary, they can be separated with spacer. During fast or high-frequency operation, the transmission lines should be separated from each other in capacity as much as possible, and it is not necessary to juxtapose them with each other. It is proposed to apply spacer in the case of many cables, bronchus, oil pipelines, etc.


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