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Coolant Hose

2022-01-04 14:52:19
Coolant Hose

Coolant hose is also known as adjustable Coolant hose, universal Coolant hose. Engineering Coolant hose is an integrated guiding system of liquid and gas media. It is made of high-quality engineering plastic. Its sections are made of precise injection molding technology, and its nodes are connected to the contact surface through accurate calculation and made of high injection molding technology. The adjustable Coolant hose does not need any conduit, and it can have excellent sealing only by contacting the curved surface by itself. The close fit of its contact surface is enough to ensure that the cooling water pipe will always maintain its original position under the impact of high-pressure water. The adjustable Coolant hose is a true modular structure, which can not only increase or reduce the number of sections as required, but also install switches between the sections as required, and has different connections and water outlet. In addition, there are one in and two out tees. The engineering Coolant hose is made of nylon. The outlet nozzle types include round nozzle, flat nozzle and large-diameter round nozzle types. The screw buckle also has inner screws and outer screws, which are installed according to the needs of customers.

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